And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge. (Quran: Al-Kahf: 85)

Tweeps, here we will discuss today-experience attending International Conference on Futurology II in Jakarta. Go! 

1.) Niki Manby (Head of Emerging Products & Innovation, APCEMEA Visa Inc.) spoke about #NFC (Near Field


2.) What is #NFC defined? For what purpose?

3.) #NFC is a new payment technology which combines #Mobile,#CloudComputing, and #BigData.

4.) The main purpose of #NFC is to get high level efficiency on today commerce. #NFC is gonna be applied in development of #iPhone5.

5.) VISA has moved their step on expanding their market, especially to the emerging class. #NFC is so beneficial for those frequent traders.

6.) BUT, speaking about undefined horizon of given time, some believe #NFC would be developed to higher level of technology, perhaps #RFID.

7.) Wondering about efficient commerce would be when utilizing#NFC, would not be outperforming the commerce efficiency when#RFID applied.

8.) After discussing about benefits, we would like to move to the consequences while using #NFC as global payment technology in the future.

9.) #NFC global payment technology will chain any single of credit card holder to be obedient #debtslave in their whole life time.

10.) Just simply saying about card holder, how success of those#debtslave could pay their debt off? please calculate and share your thoughts.

11.) Interestingly, #NFC technology seems to be effective tools to enslave human race in the future before implementing #RFID at last phase.

12.) Moreover, today in Jakarta, Niki Manby stated “Global citizen would never have any alternative way on payment in the future.”#NFC.

13.) #RFID technology is projected to be worse in terms of effect and consequences on enslaving human race into #debtslave, rather than#NFC.

14.) So, what can be done now to anticipate? Let’s get back to #Ayn-money (#intrinsic-value money), the natural money over history.

15.) Electronic money with is debt-based money, and its development such as #NFC, only results in sustainable enslavement.

16.) #NFC technology would only be beneficial if it’s based on Ayn-money (intrinsic-value money). Boom payment efficiency on earth!

17.) At last, #NFC is only #technology, the most important is what behind the technology is, which is monstrous global #debt-generation.


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