And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge. (Quran: Al-Kahf: 85)

Thomas Jefferson, American monetary-hero along human history! No wonder he was shaped into such a person, thanks to Quran, The Divine Book.

Source: Daily Beast Source: Daily Beast

I am very happy to see an interesting new book written by Denise Spellberg, associate professor of history and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Spellberg’s book, titled Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: Islam and the Founders and touched upon in this Daily Beast article, seeks to understand the role of Islam in the early American struggle to protect religious liberty by asking how Muslims and Islam fit into eighteenth-century Americans’ models of religious freedom.

She looks specifically to Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an as a symbol of the founding fathers’ respect for religious freedom and liberty.

According to the Daily Beast, Spellberg’s thesis is that, “contrary to those today who would dismiss Islam and Muslims as essentially and irretrievably alien to the American experiment and its religious mix, key figures in the era of the nation’s founding argued that that American church-state calculus both could and…

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