And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge. (Quran: Al-Kahf: 85)

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Poster: Cognitive Function


Study Tips!

A Reposting of Study Tips/Learning Style (Older Students)


  • Take lecture notes
  • Underline, highlight, or circle printed material
  • Borrow others’ notes, compare to own
  • Draw pictures in notes to illustrate ideas
  • Use a variety of colors-in pens, highlighters, note cards, etc. for different categories or concepts
  • After reading, review notes or underlined material to reinforce learning
  • Write it out!
  • Use outlines, pictures, graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Use a plastic cover with erasable markers to label diagrams over and over, or to test yourself writing answers to questions
  • Visualize spelling of words or facts to be memorized
  • Test yourself by visualizing main ideas or questions and write the details or answers
  • Read black and white text and convert information into pictures, maps, diagrams, sketches, lists, etc.
  • Make mind maps to look at spatial relationships
  • Rewrite or redraw things from memory
  • Look at professors and others when they talk to help you focus and to pick up on body language
  • Make and use flashcards for studying (vocabulary, formulas, condensed notes, etc.)
  • Use computers to organize material and to create graphs, tables, charts
  • Study in a quiet place away from verbal disturbances
  • Make your study area visually appealing


Efficiency vs. Workaholic

*A Re-posting of Productive Muslim

It is important to remember that being efficient does not mean you have to be a workaholic or have no life outside of work. In fact, if you are being truly efficient, then you should have spare time left for other activities. Being efficient is related to all aspects of life, including family time and doing other things you love e.g. getting back to nature. The beauty of this is they work in an interconnected way – time for both work and play means you are more productive in both areas of your life, and you appreciate that time better. After all, the saying goes that if you want something done then give it to someone with a packed schedule – they will find the time to do it because they have limited time. The time spent with family and friends is also all the better because of it. Of course working hard, coupled with good intentions, is the key to being a productive Muslim; however, don’t spend all of your time working as this will simply lead to overall inefficiency.  (more…)