And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a [certain] knowledge. (Quran: Al-Kahf: 85)

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Study Tips!

A Reposting of Study Tips/Learning Style (Older Students)


  • Take lecture notes
  • Underline, highlight, or circle printed material
  • Borrow others’ notes, compare to own
  • Draw pictures in notes to illustrate ideas
  • Use a variety of colors-in pens, highlighters, note cards, etc. for different categories or concepts
  • After reading, review notes or underlined material to reinforce learning
  • Write it out!
  • Use outlines, pictures, graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Use a plastic cover with erasable markers to label diagrams over and over, or to test yourself writing answers to questions
  • Visualize spelling of words or facts to be memorized
  • Test yourself by visualizing main ideas or questions and write the details or answers
  • Read black and white text and convert information into pictures, maps, diagrams, sketches, lists, etc.
  • Make mind maps to look at spatial relationships
  • Rewrite or redraw things from memory
  • Look at professors and others when they talk to help you focus and to pick up on body language
  • Make and use flashcards for studying (vocabulary, formulas, condensed notes, etc.)
  • Use computers to organize material and to create graphs, tables, charts
  • Study in a quiet place away from verbal disturbances
  • Make your study area visually appealing